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Our Brewery

Established in 2016 The Small Brewing Company specialises in producing delicious craft beer using only the finest ingredients. Being a small scale operation producing up to 2 bbl per year we can ensure the products produced are of the highest quality.

We are currently just gauging interest in our beers at the moment. This information will help us determine whether to go ahead and set up as a proper business so please go ahead and choose what beers you might be interested in from our core or special range.

Interested in designing your own beer? This might be a service we could offer. The minimum we would need is your style and flavour preference(s) but if you want to select all of the individual ingredients that's fine aswell!

Our Beers

Our Beers

We're constantly tweaking and creating recipes so we can continually offer you something new and exciting. Our beers are typically supplied in 500ml bottles with a couple of exceptions and packaged in any quantity you require. Come take a look at what's on offer!

Even though we're currently just gauging interest in our beers we're always open to unbiased critique. If you're nearby I'm sure we can supply you with a free taster set as long as you're willing to provide the feedback.

Since our inception we've been growing hops in our back garden to use in our beer. Recently we've started our home grown series that are made exclusively with our own hops. Who knew you could grow hops in the North East, don’t believe us try our beer!

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Suppliers of Equipment and Raw Materials

A little shout out to the vendors who have helped fabricate our brewery

And of course lets not forget where we purchase our ingredients