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Our Team

Our team

The Small Brewing Company is a very small kitchen operation run part time by a team of two; head brewer Stuart Small who is ably assisted (when she feels like it) by his wife Vanessa.

The journey into home brewing started on a plane trip back from Madeira for Stuart and Vanessa. After mindlessly trawling through the in-flight magazine an article caught the newly engaged Vanessa's eye; it was titled "Brew Your Own Wedding Beer". After showing it to Stuart and suggesting that they should consider doing this for their wedding Stuart started his foray into home brewing.

Starting out at the deep end by brewing using grain rather than extract kits Stuart instantly caught the bug. He says that this was mainly due to the fact that he can be incredibly anal about cleanliness and brewing variables, things that he's used to and enjoys in his full time role as a Scientist.

Stuart quickly found that he was unable to drink his beer quick enough to free up bottles and kegs for his next brew. He started out giving away beer to his friends and colleagues but found that this wasn't enough...

Our Kit

Our kit

Capable of producing up to 40L of beer our kit comprises of a single vessel acting as the hot liquor tank and the boil kettle and another insulated vessel acting as the mash tun. Made from stainless steel the majority of components were assembled by us and based on our own design. The heart of our brewery is the electric control panel, which is used to control the temperature of each vessel and the pumps for transferring, whirl pooling and chilling (see details of its assembly in our blog section). Our eventual aim is to build a three vessel HERMS system in a dedicated brewing room rather than the kitchen! Stay tuned for updates.

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